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The documents required for passport depends on your age and qualifications. Previously people with fewer qualifications (below 10th pass) had to get clearance from Protector of Emigrants (POE) before they could travel outside India, to prevent illegal trafficking in humans. That was called ECR which stands for ‘Emigration Check Required’ and if you are 10th pass and above you don’t need to get clearance, which is called Non-ECR which was previously ECNR ‘Emigration Check Not Required’. The system of ECR was abolished in 2007, so it doesn’t matter if you fall into ECR or Non-ECR category but you do have to provide documents .

Documents Required for Passport - Indian Passport Help

So the documents required for passport are:

1)  Passport documents for proof of address for an Indian passport

Documents Required (Any One)
Aadhaar Card (With Present Address)
Electricity bill
Proof of Gas Connection
Water Bill
Registered Rent Agreement
Election ID Card
Landline or Phone Bill (Postpaid)
Passbook of Running Bank Account.

If you fail at providing any of those passport documents, you will be asked to visit again to present them. If you are living at a rented place, then you will have to show more than the rent agreement, like bank passbook with present address mentioned in it.

2) Documents required for passport for proof of date of birth

Birth Certificate
School leaving certificate / Secondary School leaving certificate
Annexure 'A' (Affidavit) in case of illiterates or semi-illiterate applicants.

If you don’t have a birth certificate or school certificate which you can show as a proof for passport, you can present affidavit. But you will have to claim yourself as an illiterate with no qualifications. You can download the Annexure “A” for passport here. It has to be executed on a non-judicial stamp paper of minimum value.

You will have to show original school certificate or birth certificate with self-attested copies.

3) Proof of documents for passport for proving that you belong to Non-ECR category

You can get complete for documents for documents that will be required for Non-ECR category here. You don’t have to show proof for Non-ECR if you don’t belong to that category. Then it would be just proof of the address and date of birth. Note: If you are 10th pass and above then you belong to Non-ECR category otherwise you fall into ECR (Emigration Check Required) category.

4) Proof if there has been a change in your name

Proof of Address (In New Name)
Proof of Date of Birth (In Old Name)
Annexure "E"
Proof for Non-ECR

The types of documents for passport if there has been a change of name are almost same, you can refer to the previous list for Proof of Address, Proof of Date of Birth and Proof for Non-ECR. The only difference is that the proof of address has to be in your new name, and proof of date of birth has to be in your old name, and you have to produce sworn affidavit as per Annexure “E” for passport which you can find here. Contact us for complete passport assistance.