Passport Renewal | Renew Indian Passport in Five Easy Steps

Having a passport is really important nowadays. There is only online method for Indian passport renewal, you have to fill the passport application form, make the payment online using debit and credit card for the passport renewal and schedule an appointment. At the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK), you will not be asked for any money. 

Today you’ll see how you can renew your Indian passport in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1 Gathering required documents for Indian passport renewal online

If your address is same as on your old (expired) passport then you just need to present your passport with their photocopies including Non-ECR page. If your present address is different than that on your old passport then you just need to present proof of your present address.

The documents required for proof of present address are:

Documents Required (Any One)
Aadhaar Card (With Present Address)
Electricity bill
Proof of Gas Connection
Water Bill
Registered Rent Agreement
Election ID Card
Landline or Phone Bill (Postpaid)
Passbook of Running Bank Account.

Note: During the time of passport renewal, you will have to present the orginal documents with their photocopies.

Step 2 Filling the application form for Indian passport renewal

Then you have to fill the application form for Indian passport renewal which you can find here. You can get complete guidance with filling the application form for Indian passport renewal as it can be quite difficult.

Step 3 Making an account on

After you are done with filling the application form for passport renewal; you can simply register on

Step 4 Uploading the passport application form

Once you’re done making an account on, you have to look at Passport Seva’s website’s sidebar and click on “Upload E-Form”, you’ll need to upload XML file and not upload the PDF file, you’ll get more information for it here if you haven’t looked at it yet.

Indian Passport Renewal Online | Passport Renewal Process

Step 5 Making the online payment and scheduling appointment

After you’re done uploading the passport application form, you have to make the online payment by credit card / debit card or net banking. You’ll have to schedule an appointment then for the available day.

Note: You have to get to the passport office twenty minutes before the appointment time. At the PSK they maintain files, at your first appointment you will have to first present the receipt of the payment. Then at the counter, they’ll ask you for other documents. You can always get opt for our superior p