How to Apply for a Passport in Five Easy Steps

These days having a passport is very important. There’s no offline method of applying for an Indian passport, you’ll have to fill the passport application form online, make the payment and schedule an appointment. If you fail at providing some documents; you’ll be asked to present the required documents the next time. You can have three appointments in a year, and you can reschedule them anytime.

Today you’ll see how you can apply for a fresh Indian passport in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1 Gathering required documents for a fresh Indian passport

The types of documents required are:

  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • Proof of Present Address
  • Proof for Non-ECR

Click here for more information on the documents required for passport.

Note: You will have to carry original documents with self-attested photocopies.

Step 2 Filling the application form for a fresh Indian passport

The next step is to fill passport application form. You can get complete help with filling the passport application form by clicking here, as it can be quite intimidating.

Step 3 Registering on

Once you are finished with filling the application form; you can simply make an account on their website.

Step 4 Uploading the application form

After you have registered yourself on, you have to look at the left sidebar on their website and click on “Upload E-Form”, now again you’ll need to upload an XML file and not the PDF form, you’ll get more information for it here if you haven’t taken help.

Easily Make an Indian Passport in Five Steps



Step 5 Making the payment and scheduling an appointment

After you’re done uploading the application form, you have to make the payment by credit card / debit card or net banking. You’ll have to schedule an appointment for the available day.

Note: You should reach the PSK fifteen minutes before the appointment time. At the PSK they maintain files, at your first appointment you will have to first present the receipt of the payment. Then at the counter, they’ll ask you for other documents. You can always contact us, we provide A to Z services, you can simply fill the contact form and we will get back to you soon.